Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are “”All Inclusive Shared Rentals”?

We have developed a system where individual tenants share a house or apartment as a family unit. Each person has their own private bedroom;  and , they share the common areas like living room, faamily room, and the kitchen. Everything can be included, so tenants have only one payment to make each month.

Q: What type of people rent “All Inclusive  Shared Rentals”?

We  welcome everyone;  Students,  Veterans,  People with Special Needs,  Senior Citizens,  just to mention a few.    “All Inclusive Shared Rentals” are for anyone who enjoys living with like minded individuals who enjoy the comfort of home.

Q: Do any rentals have private bathrooms?

Yes, some do – some don’t;  it depends on the house and the price you are looking to pay.  Most master bedrooms do.

Q: Does it cost anything to get more information?

No.  As a prospective tenant it is always free to search for  available properties.

Q: Where are the rentals located?

Our inventory is dispersed through out Wayne, Oakland,  Macomb, and Washtenaw  counties.  We sometimes have rentals in other areas. Just give us a call and we can locate any speciality request.